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Three course menus for groups - autumn/winter 2018

Please note that you have to choose only one starter/soup, one main dish and one dessert for the whole group
with the exception of the vegetarian main dish. Thank you!


Smoked duck breast, pepper coated, on winter endive with fig vinaigrette

Parsley root soup with green pesto and croutons

Celery cream soup topped with truffle oil and puff pastry


Ragout of fallow deer from brandenburg with red cabage salad and pommes macaire

Grilled codfish filet on beluga lentils and root vegetables

Beef filet medaillons on Marsala-jus with pumpkin and mashed potatoes

Red bell pepper filled with couscous on leek tomatoe ragout


Mousse au chocolat with sour cherries

Panna cotta of the tonka bean with pear and milk foam

Soufflé served with blackberry compote


The menu’s price is depending on the choice of the main course. 
Please choose one starter/soup, one main dish and one dessert only.

Menu Fallow deer
35 €

Menu Codfish
34 €

Menu Beef fillet
45 €

Menu Red bell pepper
29 €