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Tickets Sonntagskonzerte

Free seat selection | Concert box 45 min. before start

Sonntagskonzert September 22nd 7 pm 15.00 
Jakob Spahn (cello), Jonathan Aner (piano) - works from L. v. Beethoven, R. Schumann, L. Boulanger and others
Sonntagskonzert September 29th 7 pm 15.00 
Sebastian Berakdar (piano) - works from J.S. Bach, J. Corigliano, L.v. Beethoven, R. Schumann
Sonntagskonzert October 6th 7 pm 15.00 
Johannes Held (baritone), Anni Laukkanen (piano) - songs from R. Schumann and F. Schubert (lyrics Heinrich Heine)

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