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The vouchers are valid for all ballroom-dancing lessons (Standard/Latin) in Clärchen´s Ballhaus. But not for Swing, Tango or Salsa. They can be used also for two or more people. They are valid till the end of the year after the year after the next year (in the moment: 31-12-2022)

Voucher for a 10 visit card for dancing classes

Vouchers are available in different variants: they cost 1 €/term/person or from 10 terms 9 €/term/person (for example 10 terms for 90 €).

for pupils, students and trainees with proof and for BerlinPass holders, the fee for a 10 visit card is 70 €, for a 6 visit card 48 €. Please provide the proof unsolicited on each class visit.

For each term, an "asterisk" is cut off per person.

Vouchers for private lessons
for single couples cost 60 € for 60 minutes and 80 € for 90 minutes. Dates by appointment.

New: Combination vouchers.
You want to give away a voucher, but do not know whether for private lessons or for lessons in the group?
With the combination voucher for 60/80 € the recipients can choose for themselves: either 60/90 minutes of private lessons or 6/8 dates for regular group lessons.

All prices incl. taxes.
Shipping costs: letter 2 €, e-mail 0 €.
The price is not printed on the voucher.
Size: 21 x 10 cm

Delivery will be made by post if you order by 4.30 pm in Berlin usually at the next working day, outside of Berlin, a day later. When sending by e-mail for self-printing, usually during the working day.

Express delivery:
If it should be even faster, please call me on
+49 151 15884289

Anton +49 151 15884289 or tanzschule@ballhaus.de

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If you need the voucher right away, please call me or send me a SMS: +49 151 15884289

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consequences of Withdrawal

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